It's my Mission to Help Lightworkers to Live a Life at the Highest Energy Frequency Humanly Possible! My focus is Lightworkers & Earth Angels; Manifestation & Law of Attraction; and Living a Life that Feels like Heaven.

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Welcome To My Training Area.

It's my mission to help billions of people across the world to live a High Vibe Life, which in my opinion to transform: Fear; Anxiety; Pain

Into the Highest Energy Frequency Humanly Possible, which translates to: Freedom; Peace; Joy; Love; Enlightenment - With other words Living in Heaven while being on Earth.

To help as many people as possible do I make my online programs in English and Danish.

The English programs will be charged in US dollars, and the Danish programs will be charged in Danish Kroner.

The programs in Danish will be marked 'Dansk' in the beginning of the title.


"Sabrina radiates a pure energy of love and it reflects in her accurate angel card readings. She is very intuitive and I loved her message. She is great in providing angelic guidance. She is awesome!"

- Ana Granados

"Sabrina is absolutely amazing! By far she is the most intuitive reader I have encounter. She knew detailed information about a family issue that I have only discussed with a handful of people. Sabrina provided the information with respect and grace. She was not telling me what to do but giving my guidance, it was the perfect reading! I cannot wait to have another reading with her."

- Robyn Eatmon,

"Sabrinas reading was dead on!! She is very gifted and a sweet soul."

- Lynn

"I had a reading from Sabrina from the other side of the world via email and it was the most accurate amazing reading! It answered my question exactly and gave me great enthusiasm and excitement for what my future holds. She is very passionate, kind and extremely good at what she does."

- Melanie,